Who We Are

The Mitigation Group is a wetland mitigation brokerage firm that facilitates and expedites mitigation projects for landowners, developers, and the environment.

What We Do

The Mitigation Group partners with landowners in profit sharing agreements to generate revenue for landowners – not big wetland mitigation banking companies.

Work With Us

We broker directly with developers and landowners, resulting in turnkey solutions and discounted wetland mitigation credit pricing. Our team of wetland mitigation experts fast track regulatory approval processes and secure significant cost savings for large-scale projects.

Wetland Mitigation Experts

The Mitigation Group’s mission is to facilitate the restoration, establishment, enhancement or preservation of endangered, fragile wetland ecosystems within the continental United States.

Unlike other mitigation banking companies that take the lion’s share of profits, The Mitigation Group partners with landowners and developers to create win-win solutions. Our experienced wetland mitigation team brings together developers, landowners, engineers and regulatory agencies to successfully mitigate wetland areas with unavoidable impacts by developers, such as LNG refineries and pipeline companies.


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