For Landowners: Partnerships for Better Outcomes

The Mitigation Group offers landowners a better option with more profit potential. Typically, wetland mitigation companies purchase land outright, which is of limited value to the landowner. The Mitigation Group, however, uses joint, profit-sharing agreements with landowners – an option new to this industry.

We also make it easy. With no upfront cost to the landowner, we absorb the expense of gaining regulatory approval. Typically a 12-24 month process, regulatory approval can be astronomically expensive and time consuming. We take on the heavy lifting… resulting in better outcomes for landowners, developers, regulatory agencies and most importantly, the environment.

For Developers: Discounted Mitigation Offset Credits

For developers with unavoidable impacts to wetland areas, The Mitigation Group crafts project-specific turnkey solutions resulting in lower overall expense. Wetland mitigation credits have highly volatile pricing. We negotiate the terms of your mitigation credit purchase upfront, meaning your company can lock in pricing and save considerably on wetland mitigation credits.

When it counts, work with an experienced, proven team. The Mitigation Group has 75 years of combined, relevant experience in wetland mitigation banking and project management. We have the industry experience, relationships with regional landowners, and regulatory knowledge necessary to facilitate and expedite wetland mitigation projects of any size.

We Make Mitigation Easy

Regulatory Hurdles

For most landowners and developers, the Corps’ regulatory processes are overwhelming and insurmountable. Typically lasting between 12-24 months, the Corps requires many technical documents throughout an ongoing, back-and-forth dialogue that ultimately could end with a denial of credits. Our experts, however, have successfully navigated this regulatory process many times. Don’t get bogged down by regulatory hurdles. Let The Mitigation Group navigate this process for a smooth and stress-free experience.

Logistical Headaches

Wetland mitigation projects require a high level of expertise and physical labor to plant the correct foliage, construct (or deconstruct) waterways, and carry out the steps necessary to establish a wetland area that will flourish for generations. Because each wetland mitigation project must be maintained in perpetuity, mechanisms must be established for its long-term care and protection. The Mitigation Group manages these logistical considerations carefully and successfully; thus, ensuring the long-term viability of each project.

Time & Expense

Wetland mitigation is an expensive and uncertain process. Most landowners cannot afford the high cost of hiring wetland consultants, lawyers, surveyors and other related experts in the hopes of possibly gaining regulatory approval. Partnering with The Mitigation Group removes this sense of uncertainty – and the expense.